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Workshops & Tea Dances
Sundays 14:00-19:00


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Milton Keynes & Broughton Village Hall MK10 9AF

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Dates for 2022, Pop these in your diary!

More details TBA

July 31st – Milonga

What is Milonga?
The word is often misunderstood, we aim to demystify this fun and joyful dance.
Milonga is not just a style of Tango Music – it is also it’s own style of dance to a specific type of Music. It doesn’t mean that you can dance ‘tango’ moves to Milonga – just as it means you can’t do ‘Milonga’ moves to Tango. But it is understanding the differences, and the best ways of applying them to your dance.
We will be playing with both figures, decorations and adornos and how these both work with the musicality.


Save the dates …

October 2nd – Ganchos & Wraps

December 4th – Sacada’s



Workshops – 14:00 – 16:00

Tea Dance 16:00 – 19:00


Workshop & Dance £30

Workshop Only £25

Tea Dance Only £12

Membership concessions of £5 / £2 apply at door

On Door Payment by Card or Correct cash

Why not buy your ticket online NOW ?

An afternoon of Social Tango to Alternative Tango music
**No Tanda’s or Cortina’s**
A creative space for everyone to feel free to enjoy themselves

without the ‘rules and regulations of a Traditional Milonga event!

All styles of Dance / Tango are welcome.
Ladies & Gentlemen may ask anyone to dance
Resident DJ Single tracks – dance as many as you wish.
Well lit Tango café area
Atmospheric dance floor lighting for a sensual experience
Wooden dance floor
FREE ample Parking
FREE Tea, Coffee, Refreshment
FREE Buffet.


Attendance at our event is entirely at your own risk. Tango Boulevard and its hosts accept no responsibility for anyone contracting an illness as a result of attending our event. For everyone’s comfort and peace of mind, Hand sanitisers will be available throughout the venue and we recommend that they be used as often as possible.


Please see our Privacy Policy for photography and other aspects.

Information above is correct at the time of publication but may change due to circumstance beyond our control.


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We kindly ask that you respect our Etiquette


  • All styles of dance / tango are welcome
  • Respect other dancers at all times.
  • ​Follow the anticlockwise line of dance.
  • Do not weave in & out of the Ronda if in use.
  • If you wish to stay stationary please keep to the centre of the floor.
  • Keep Boleos & Ganchos appropriate to the floor conditions.
  • If there is a collision please apologise to the other couple.
  • Please do not Teach or Practice on the dance floor.
  • Leaders please escort followers off the floor at the end of your dance.
  • Refrain from promoting your commercial activities without our prior consent.
  • Individuals who persistently cause discomfort & anxiety to others will be asked to leave.​​
  • Please Inform the organisers of any discomfort & anxiety you have personally encountered.

If you are unfamiliar with any of these requests, please have a quick chat with Guy or any of our regulars, who will be delighted to help.

Photography: Photos may be taken at any of our classes & events for the purpose of public interest documentation & promotion.  If you wish not to be included you must inform the photographer at the time or contact me stating your preference and I will attempt to remove/alter any published photos. By attending any of our events you acknowledge and agree to this policy.

The information above is correct at the time of publication but may change due to circumstances beyond our control.


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