Can you learn the Argentine Tango in just 6 weeks?

Yes.  In its simplest of answers!  In 6 weeks, we can give you the building blocks on which you can build your Argentine Tango empire!

Start Date

Tuesday 25th June 2024

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You see lots of adverts for New Year Resolutions – “Discover the New You ...” – But how about just re-connecting with the existing you? - That's good any time of the year, Right?

Dance in all forms brings joy into life.  Even when we crank the volume up on the radio whilst washing the dishes, it makes that monotonous everyday job just a little easier to do as we shake our booty to the latest pop tunes!

In essence, dance is just a form of expression; moving to music, moving to that piece of music in relation to how you feel at that time.  No one can tell if it’s right or wrong.  Because no one can tell you what YOU feel.

Argentine Tango will take you on a journey of self-discovery.  And part of that discovery is the art of conversation without words but still listening.

Location: Milton Keynes – Romeos Dance Academy

1st Floor South Side, The Old Bus Station, 401 Elder Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 1LR (Door on Train Station side)

Tuesdays 8:15 – 9:45 pm

Cost: only £60 for 9 hrs of Tango!

Only 10 places available!

Save your Spot.

Let me just dispel a myth or two about Argentine Tango before we go any further:

You’ve seen it on Strictly come dancing, haven’t you?  Artistic kicks, flicks and flings in the air?  And you wonder how the heck you could do that?  The secret is unless you plan on going on Strictly Come Dancing, you won’t!  This is what we refer to as ‘stage tango’ – it is designed to be watched and admired with oh’s and ah’s – and just to clarify, it is FAB-U-LOUS!  But it’s not what we do…

You also do not need to have ANY dance experience.  Ballet or tap as a five-year-old, or twenty-something years as a ballroom dancer will not help you be a better dancer in Argentine Tango.  We are in a world of our own!

The other thing is that although it is what is referred to as a ‘couples dance’ – that is only referring to the fact that the dance is done with someone else, a couple being ‘2 people’ – You do not have to be a romantic couple to dance Argentine Tango.  Yes, quite a lot of our students are romantic partners, but we do have what we refer to as ‘singletons’ who attend classes and they buddy up with someone for the course.  (Pre-pandemic, we would swap buddy’s throughout the class, to experience things from a different perspective.  At this current point in time, we are leaving this down to the individuals in our class with what they feel comfortable with- but hopefully, one day…)

We specialise in the fundamentals of Argentine Tango. Teaching with the right balance of personalised attention, giving practical training with patience and encouragement.

This course is perfect for

beginners and improvers

also for the seasoned dancers.

We want you to fall in love with our dance, and we want to welcome you into our beautiful community.  We don’t have students; we have friends, who enjoy what we do so much that they come back for more week after week!  We like to have a little bit of a giggle during our classes and have fun!  Learning should always be FUN!

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We have found that by distilling the essence of tango into small digestible elements, we can quickly build up your ability to enjoy this most delectable of dances.

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