Covid Safety

👯‍♀️What does this mean for the Tango scene?

It means that we can now invite single dancers to join our classes with the intention of being able to find a partner there. It also means that those with previously ‘fixed’ partners can now rotate around the group and practice the moves being taught with someone else.

At this moment in time we ask that only fully vaccinated students attend.


We understand that not everyone will be comfortable with this yet due to whatever personal reasons, and we as a team respect this, and we ask that everyone else does too.

We also ask for understanding in the fact that both Guy and Anna are still not able to dance with students due to the fact that Anna is still not fully vaccinated (Due to be rectified next week!) so as soon as this has happened and the settling in period is passed, we can become the more ‘hands on’ teachers as and when required!

Lastly, but still, most importantly, we do ask that if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid, that you do not attend class!

In short.

💉 Fully vaccinated dancers only.

💃 Solo dancers welcome if they are willing to dance with other dancers.

👯‍♀️ Partner swapping totally optional.

🤮 If you are displaying symptoms – stay at home!


🛠 Keep up with the program!  The rules will change!  Stay connected!

Updated 22nd July 21

Beginners, Improvers & Intermediates

Mondays 8:00 pm-9:30 pm @ Romeo’s Main Ballroom

8:00 pm-9:00 pm – Beginners, Improvers, Intermediates
Between our 2 dance couples teachers, we will divide the ball room to run classes simultaneously.

Beginners & Improvers.

This class is for anyone who has either never done a Tango class with us before, or for those who want to re-cap their basic skills.
(Might not be a bad idea for those who haven’t danced in over a year!)

For those who were with us pre-lockdown, you know where you fit into these categories!  (Our Tuesday class has been moved here as MK Dance centre is no longer available)


So feel free to attend for the whole of the evening, as you will be able to get extra time dancing, 9-9:30


Please remember your heel protectors.  These are a requirement when in the ballroom.  If you forget or have lost yours, they can be purchased at reception.

£9 per person on the evening – Payment by card on arrival.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact us.
We look forward to seeing you all back on Monday – The Tango Boulevard Team

The Venue:

Romeo’s Dance Academy, 1st Floor South Side, The Old Bus Station, 401 Elder Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 1LR (Door on Train Station side)


FREE WEEKDAY EVENING parking after 18:00 off V6 Grafton st. and before the Elder Gate car park. There are 2 rows of cars between the 2 tree lines.  See map below. 

Other wise Park outside the front door.  Pay & Display £1 @ per hr. 

Alternatively, the car park at Argos Milton Keynes Grafton Gate is free of charge up to 2 hours, and free of charge from 18:00. (700 Grafton Gate West, Milton Keynes MK9 1DL)

Grand opening
Sat view

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Information above is correct at the time of publication but may change due to circumstance beyond our control.